Did you know there’s a day set aside specifically for the tooth fairy? August 22nd is nationally recognized as Tooth Fairy Day, and the staff at Advanced Endodontics of West Chester would like to take the opportunity to share information about pediatric endodontics to preserve your child’s smile and boost her or his overall oral health. While your child might not find the information to be as exciting as finding money under a pillow after losing a tooth, you’re sure to appreciate what we’ve got to offer.


Aching Teeth Don’t Always Have to Come Out


If your child has a toothache, you might be under the impression that the tooth needs to come out ASAP. The truth is, it is better the tooth come out naturally on its own. While it’s hard to know your child is in pain, letting nature take its course is more beneficial for the future of your child’s oral health. 


Endodontic Treatments for Little Smiles


For those times when a dentist’s intervention is required for the sake of your child’s teeth, there’s endodontics for kids, such as a pediatric root canal. Such intervention often becomes necessary when your child chips a tooth, the tooth’s pulp is exposed or if your child develops a sensitivity to hot and cold liquids and foods. Besides relieving your child of discomfort, root canals also help save the natural teeth until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt.    


During your child’s root canal, the infected pulp is removed, which often doesn’t require the use of dental instruments, but a local anesthesia might be necessary. After the pulp is out, a baby crown is positioned on the tooth to keep it safe. Afterward, it’s essential you help your child keep up with regular brushing and flossing to prevent swelling.


Help your child maintain optimum oral health. Let us know if you have any questions or think your child might need a root canal in Mt. Kisco, NY or White Plains, NY.