The roots of the teeth are very narrow and require a special degree of experience and skill to treat, especially when root canals are being performed. To provide you with the best possible treatment outcome and to minimize treatment discomfort, the doctors at Advanced Endodontics of Westchester commit to utilizing cutting-edge technology, including cone beam imaging during endodontic treatments. Thanks to the crystal clear images provided by cone beam technology, many challenging enigmas related to endodontic treatments can now be easily identified and solved, including:


1.       Miniscule Cracks

 Even the most experienced endodontist in Westchester County, NY, cannot visually detect all cracks in the soft or hard tissues of the mouth. In some cases, tiny cracks can occur during endodontic procedures and can cause the patient to return for retreatment. Cone beam scans can detect the presence of small cracks and help the doctor determine whether or not re-treatment is necessary.


2.       Infection

 When a patient complains about tenderness after root canals, a 2-D x-ray may appear normal. However, a 3-D cone beam scan will reveal the inflamed area so that it can be treated accurately and immediately. 


3.       Unusual Cases

 Some patients have unusual cases that can become very mysterious if viewed with only a 2-D scan. Thankfully, a 3-D scan can quickly detect problems that might otherwise be left unsolved, including fused roots, incompletely separated roots and accessory canals. For endodontists who want to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat endodontic pain, cone beam technology is an immensely helpful tool. It can also reduce the rate or retreatment by ensuring that proper diagnosis is achieved the first time around.


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If you have been suffering from a severe toothache that becomes worse with pressure, or if you experience prolonged sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures (even after the cold or heat has been removed from your tooth), you may need a root canal.  You can schedule a consultation with the experienced endodontists at Advanced Endodontics of Westchester with offices conveniently located in White Plains, NY and Mount Kisco, NY.