A root canal is a procedure that replaces infected tissue in the canal of a tooth root with a rubber-like material. While the procedure has helped relieve discomfort for many patients suffering from infected tooth pulp, it does not always work the way it was intended the first time around. It is possible for a root canal to fail for several reasons including incomplete treatment of all tooth roots, salivary contamination inside the tooth or a delay in the placement of the dental crown

Regardless of the cause of root canal failure, it should be treated promptly to minimize pain and reduce infection. Dr. Justin Kolnick offers root canal retreatment and utilizes advanced technology to ensure a positive procedural outcome whenever possible. 

How to Tell if You Need Endodontic Retreatment

If you are experiencing dental discomfort in or around a tooth that has previously received endodontic treatment, you may need to receive retreatment of the area. In some cases, there may be no pain due to the absence of working nerves in the area, but an infection may be spreading without your knowledge. If you notice any of the following symptoms after endodontic treatment, schedule a visit with Dr. Kolnick at your earliest convenience:

Tenderness when biting
Increased mobility of the treated tooth
Swelling of the gums around the treated roots
Sinus pus
Tooth and gum pain in the area

Examine your treated tooth regularly in the months after treatment to see if any of the above symptoms occur. If so, retreatment may be necessary in order to rectify the problem and take care of any residual infection in the pulp. 

You Don’t Have to Live With Endodontic Pain

You don’t have to live with endodontic pain after a failed root canal.  Dr. Kolnick offers technologically advanced endodontic retreatments that are highly successful. To schedule your appointment, call Advanced Endodontics of Westchester during normal operating hours.