Are you afraid of getting a root canal? With new technological advances in dentistry, root canals are easier than ever. Laser technology has changed the way patients experience root canal therapy. Our very own Dr. Justin Kolnick is an experienced endodontist who specializes in laser surgery. Learn how Dr. Kolnick uses laser surgery to perform root canals for the benefit of his patients.


How It Works


Using lasers in dental operations might sound like something from a sci-fi movie but lasers have been assisting dentists fix cavities for years. Now laser technology has been incorporated into root canal procedures. Dr. Kolnick uses laser therapy to clean the root canal. A high intensity light is combined with a high-pressure flow of water to remove bacteria, infection, and dead tissue from the root canal.


The Benefits


The combination of heat and pressure cuts down the duration of root canal treatments. This is perfect for patients who experience dental anxiety or are particularly busy. This technique also cleans more thoroughly than traditional root canal methods. Dr. Kolnick's laser penetrates deep into the canal to effectively eliminate bacteria without damaging any surrounding tissue. This technology is also associated with less bleeding during the procedure and less inflammation in post-operation.


Other Uses During Root Canal Procedures

Laser technology can be used for several other things than post-treatment disinfection. These uses include:

·         Gaining access to the root canal

·         Making an incision for flap penetration

·         Apicoectomy

·         Preparing root end for amalgam or composite

For more thorough and efficient root canals, choose laser surgery over traditional methods.


Make An Appointment

If you think it's finally time to get your root canal done, we're ready to help. Dr. Kolnick will use his laser technology to perform a quick, comfortable, and effective root canal procedure. Contact our office in White Plains, NY for more information and to set up your appointment with Dr. Kolnick.