Root canals can save you a lot of hassle and pain. However, no treatment works perfectly 100 percent of the time. Sometimes the treatment will fail, and this can occur years after the initial procedure. There are various signs to watch out for in order to tell if you require endodontic retreatment.


Symptoms of an Infected Tooth Return

Various symptoms indicate that you need an emergency root canal in White Plains, NY. These include:


·         Presence of pus around the gums

·         Swelling around the gums

·         Tenderness whenever the jaw bites down

·         Excessive tooth pain


After a root canal, these symptoms should disappear. However, if the treatment fails, they will return in the same tooth.


Dental Crown Broke

Many times after a root canal, a crown will need to be placed over the affected tooth. This is essential because the tooth will be weakened after all the pulp has been removed, and a crown restores strength. Crowns break over time, and yours might break prematurely if you experience jaw trauma or if you bit down on something too hard. When a crown over a tooth that had a root canal breaks, you need to see an experienced endodontist right away before an infection develops in the tooth.


Pain Does Not Go Away Initially

A couple days following your root canal treatment, you can expect a little bit of discomfort. An endodontist will prescribe medication to help you deal with the pain. If this discomfort does not go away within a few days, then you need to talk with a professional. Something may have gone wrong with the procedure such as saliva getting inside the tooth during the procedure or the roots not being properly sealed.


Talk With an Expert

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