The entire month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and at Advanced Endodontics of Westchester, we want to do our part to spread the word about the relationship between poor oral health and systemic diseases, such as breast cancer. If you are looking for a highly qualified endodontist in Mt. Kisco, NY, look no further than Advanced Endodontics of Westchester. We can help ensure your understanding of the proper use of oral hygiene products to facilitate your overall wellbeing.


Benefits of Oral Health


Not everyone goes to the dentist as often as recommended. In fact, many people haven’t seen a dentist in years, which can lead to significant health issues. Lack of regular dental care has serious consequences, including increased risk of respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The purpose of proper oral hygiene is to prevent or remove plaque and tartar from forming and building up, stop dental caries and gum disease, and decrease the prevalence of chronic bad breath. Following are six ways oral health promotes overall wellbeing:


1.       Lowers the risks of systemic diseases

2.       Boosts self-confidence and esteem

3.       Stabilizes blood sugar for diabetics

4.       Reduces infections in your body

5.       Decreases preterm births

6.       Prevents oral cancer


Having a great smile may open more doors for you, but it also helps keep your systemic system in balance by reducing or eliminating diseases. Preventive dental checkups and subsequent dental work is essential for your health, something for which your teeth and gums will thank you.


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